Hans Välimäki Catering

Most people have, at some point in their lives, had experiences with catering companies in one way or another.

Hans Välimäki catering recognises the scope of the challenge in the field. This is why we have rethought the game! When the party ends, this is when our catering company comes in.

When throwing a party, most people first just focus on its organisation. However, at some point, often too late, the host or hostess realises that they have everything else thought out, except the food. We do things differently. Food will be the centrepiece of the party, right from the very first planning meeting. We can tailor the party around the food according to your wishes. If you so wish, we can manage the entire event for you!

Hans Välimäki has led cooking events on the beaches of Ibiza, at the Marché aux Fleurs flower market in Nice, and at the Sinebrychoff park in Helsinki with the HIFK ice hockey team, and also suspended from a crane, on a deserted island, and of course in a variety of restaurant settings. Välimäki has also cooked on board a train, not to mention at rock and opera festivals.

Contact us for tailored catering for your party. We promise to deliver something unforgettable – something that you have not experienced before!

Maria von Graevenitz-Välimäki
Puh. 040 500 1245